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Founder's Message
By Janis Kupferer

As the owner of, I have the unique pleasure of reading all of the profiles that appear on the site (yep—I’m the one who approves them … all of them). And I also have access to the comments, complaints, and general communications directed to the site. Most of the members absolutely love the site and are glad to have found it,

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Brenda (aka Bliss) Shares Success on
By Brenda - SJ Member

Brenda is a full-time realtor, a successful and therefore busy one, and one who’s schedule is “on demand” for her clients.  When she moved to a new area about five years ago, she found that her old friends were too far away now for weekly socializing,

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By Angela - SJ Member

Angela is a single mother and a nurse living in south Florida. She likes yoga and museums and days at the beach. While she hasn’t gotten too wordy with her profile, an original member of, she has taken advantage of the site’s search capabilities and reached out to other members in her area. The results have been good.

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Summertime Friendships
By Fran - SJ Member

Last year we spent the summer in Ashville, NC. We had a terrific time visiting the various tourist destinations in the area, as there is truly so much to see. This year we are traveling a bit farther north, heading to Vermont. Like last year, I absolutely expect these months away to be a wonderful chance to experience and learn about a different part of the country. But unlike last year, I hope to make a few more friends in our “temporary” hometown.

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Chicago Sue
By Sue - SJ Member

Sue is single, and social, and success-oriented—a no-nonsense type of gal when it comes to getting things done. So once Sue found, she wasn’t shy about reaching out to other members. Sue said, “I filled out my profile completely, and then sent a couple notes to women with whom I felt it would be great to connect.  I waited to see if any of the notes I sent out would elicit any responses, and they did.”

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Showing 1-5 of 5 articles