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By Janis Kupferer

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As the owner of, I have the unique pleasure of reading all of the profiles that appear on the site (yep—I’m the one who approves them … all of them). And I also have access to the comments, complaints, and general communications directed to the site. I'm happy to say that I receive notes most days from gals who are very happy to have found the site, and who are really enjoying meeting and interacting with other members.

We are All Pretty Much the Same…

With this special access comes a fairly intimate knowledge of who the typical member is, what she is hoping to gain from the site, and why she is here. And the truth is, while the members’ backgrounds are incredibly diverse—from a young, city-dweller fresh from college to a retired wife, re-acclimating to her now empty-nest and free schedule—the reasons and goals are pretty much the same.

Transition: It is the most common reason women find themselves on They have recently transitioned to a new phase in their lives: newly married, newly divorced, or newly widowed, for example; or they are transitioning to a new home in a town where nobody and nothing is familiar. The transition from a career as an employee at a large corporate office to one in a virtual or home office, or as a retiree is a common motivation to join, as is the transition from a rather sedentary lifestyle to one that is active and invigorating and is best enjoyed with friends.

The goal (although often stated differently in different profiles) is always the same, simply to make new connections with women friends. The fact that these women are finding themselves on to accomplish this goal means that:

  • they are serious about finding new friendships
  • they are looking to do so quickly and conveniently
  • they are really smart and realize that the internet is an excellent tool to help reach their goal
  • they are darn cute (Okay, this last one may not be scientific, but I also approve all photos, and am telling you that you all are a good-looking bunch!)

The Pleasure and Pain of It:

In addition to being the owner and administrator of the site, I am also an avid user of (of course I am)! In fact, my own need to find new female friendships when I moved across the country is the reason that came about.

Like everyone else, when I find some quiet time, I like to sit down and go through the profiles on I type in my search preferences, and then wait excitedly to see who will pop up. I find reading through each member’s self description so much fun, as each one is so different, and you never know who you’ll discover. Then, when I come across a profile that particularly strikes me as funny, or interesting, or brilliant (and there have been a few), I don’t hesitate to send the user a quick note of introduction and invitation to start a correspondence with me. While some contacts result in just a few email exchanges, and some lead to just a cup of coffee or glass of wine, I am happy to say, a few have progressed into good friendships.

And that’s the way it goes. Not everyone that you meet becomes a lifelong friend, not every date leads to marriage, and not every interview leads to a new job. But you keep putting yourself out there, knowing that eventually, you will make a new friend, find the perfect mate, and land that dream job.

The fact is that you do need to put yourself out there in order to make a connection on, or any social networking site for that matter. Those members who take the initiative to search the database and send out introductory emails are the ones that find most success with

A common statistic states that for every email sent on a social network, on average, less than 1/3 receive a reply—that is at best a 33% response rate—not great. And that although we woman are schooled toward a more subdued approach when it comes to social connections, is a women’s-only website, so unless we women make the first step in initiating conversation, there will be no conversation! And while the statistics are better on due to the loyalty of the membership, my goal is to encourage you to reach out to other members. Please don't just sit back and hope that someone contacts you, because they just may be doing the same thing—sitting back and waiting. And if everyone is waiting for someone else to take the first step in terms of contact, nobody will ever meet and achieve their goal of making new friends—at least not on What a shame that would be.

As an extreme introvert (believe me, I put on a good show, but at my core, I’m definitely an introvert), I know that it is hard and intimidating to be the first to make contact. And it is even worse when you do send out that email and you don’t get a reply. Absolutely I know, I’ve sent out plenty of emails and often get no reply. (Anyone ever done online dating—ouch!) But even though it was hard, I did it anyway, and now I have a few more friends than I did before, and most importantly, I don’t feel so alone in my new town. And this is because of

Give it a Try:

So I encourage you, if you are interested in finding a new friend or landing a new running or tennis or coffee partner, than give a try. My promise to you is that through you will have access to thousands of women from across the country who share the same goal and purpose for gathering on this website—to make new friends. And making the effort in a place where you know there are great ladies with the same goal is smart. I mean, when you want groceries, you go to the grocery store, right? Same logic applies to If you are looking to make new friendships, it makes sense to check out where thousands of other women are also hoping for the same thing.

Tell Us Your Story:

Okay, so now that you’ve given a try and made a few connections, we’d love to hear your story of success. Write to us and tell us all the details surrounding how you met your new friend on We’d love a picture of you and your new friend(s) too! We’ll publish a few of the stories we receive on the site. Just contact us to send us your testimonial. We are really excited to hear all of your stories.

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About the Author

Janis Kupferer is the founder of She developed the site after moving across the country and finding that she knew no one in her new town. She wanted a quick and easy way to find intersting women friends, and thus began is now the largest and most successful women-only friendship site on the web.

Member Comments

RaveonaTabu - Feb 21, 2013 at 01:02am

Anyways I lost a BFF over the course of our friendship I thought it would never end. I was wrong! Now in my early 40's I am BFF less and moving again to a new state soon. So I look forward to finding and meeting nice people women who want to have long term friendships. I miss that, so thank you for creating such a site when I needed it the most in my life.

RaveonaTabu - Feb 21, 2013 at 01:02am

Yes. I'm new here and I already am in love with this site .!!it must be a god send cuz I'm a breast cancer survivor and I'm just now getting back to where I can socialize. I tell my husband who is wonderful to me but he's not a woman and certainly can only listen for so

Carolhardy - Jan 07, 2013 at 02:01am

I just joined and did a quick search to see if any members lived near me I guess not because it came back with 0searches I hoped I did it right....lonely and confused

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