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Friendships Through the Years

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Balancing BFFs and Babies
By Lauren W. Hopkins

Six years ago, my best friend since kindergarten got pregnant. We now live in different states but we keep in touch and visit frequently. When Angela told me she was expecting, I was in complete awe. "Wow, are you really ready for this?" I asked her repeatedly. Still single and loving it, I couldn't imagine having a kid.

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Thirty Years is Just the Beginning
By Julie Cohen & Jeanne Duncan

I asked these two women to share their thoughts about why they’ve shared a 30+ friendship. The request was that they write blind to the other’s submission about what made their friendship so strong and long-lasting, and below are the results. While neither seems to come right out and say it, they both infer that while their relationship developed based on similar interests (and apparently a love of melted cheese), it has endured due to their mutual willingness to simply be there for the other.

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Peg and Me
By Kathryn Kupferer

No doubt there are many people I’d have to mention if I were writing my life’s history. But none of them, my family excepted, has been a part of my life as long as Peg. What started out, some 40-plus years ago, as a footrace between third-graders ended up a lifelong and enduring friendship.

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What a Girl Needs
By Stacey Ballis

When we first fall in love, one of the extraordinary side effects is its inherent insularity.  The feeling that we don’t need anyone else around. That our happiness, our entertainment, companionship, support…its suddenly all embodied in one wonderful person.   And if we’re lucky, the person we have fallen in love with is good at being everything to us in the initial blush of new joy.

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Showing 1-4 of 4 articles