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Customer Support Questions:

How do I contact
Contacting is easy. Simply visit the Contact Us page to send a message to our customer support staff via the website. You may send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Account Questions:

How do I change my username?
The database is a sophisticated piece of technology, and houses all the information about your account. The main component that ties this database together is your username. So a change to the username would remove all links to your profile, your messages, your forum comments, etc. For this reason, your username cannot be changed.

How do I cancel my account?
Although we will hate to see you go, and hope that you are canceling only because of your incredibly busy social calendar, you may cancel your account by visiting the My Account section of the site. (You need to be logged in to access this page.) There you will find a link to handle any adjustments or updates you’d like to make to your account.

Photo Questions:

How do I upload a photo?

Each account on the website is allowed a total of three photos. Posting photos is strongly encouraged as it enhances the communication process enormously (people just like to "see" with whom they are communicating).

To upload a photo, please visit either your My Home or My Profile section of the site. There you will find links to the Edit My Photo area. Once on the Edit My Photo page, you simply click on “Choose a File” to browse your personal files and select a photo. Then click the “Upload” button to start the upload process.

Before appearing on your profile, your photo will be sent through the approval process, and once approved, will be posted to your account.

My photo was rejected – why?
In order to control the quality and appropriateness of the photos posted to, it is necessary that we apply certain photo guidelines. These guidelines are provided below. Please note, one of the most common reasons a photo is rejected is because it displays a child alone. For safety reasons, we can not post photos of children under the age of 18 on the Site when they appear alone in the photo. Please refer to the Terms of Use for full information about use of the Site.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Users are permitted to post up to three images per account.
  • The maximum allowable size of each photo posted is 2MB.
  • No photos of persons other than you will be displayed on if you are not also in the photo. (Photos of family members and children are ONLY permitted when accompanied by user in photo.)
  • Users may post photos of pets, landscapes, scenery, or images where no person appears.
  • Photos will not be allowed that show users in clothing or poses that are not appropriate for a woman’s social networking site. This is a subjective assessment, and one that belongs solely to the staff of
  • Photos that contain imagery of anything that could be considered offensive, including gestures, signs, or other types of messages, will not be permitted.
  • Under no circumstances are photos that display items that you have for sale allowed on
  • No illustrations, drawings, copyrighted, or other non-photographic images will be permitted on
  • No photos that contain personally identifying information are permitted on Personally identifying information includes: phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, web addresses, or name, etc.
  • Photos that display the user, alone or with other persons, engaged in inappropriate behavior or behavior that the staff of believes or has reason to suspect is illegal, may not be posted. This is a subjective assessment, and one that remains fully with the staff of

My photo is too big—what do I do? accepts photos up to 2MB in size—much larger than the average digital photo. However, if you find that your photo is still too large for acceptance on the site, please use a photo editing software to reduce the size to 2 MB or less. We suggest you use the software that came with your digital camera, or you can use Google’s Picassa.

Email Questions:

What do I do if I receive spam on has a ton of measures in place to control against spam. But even with all that we do to prevent this annoyance, it is possible that you receive a spam message. If you do receive what you suspect is spam via, please contact us immediately. We will move quickly to control and correct the situation. Please contact us directly from the site via Contact Us, or send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Some of my emails are missing, what happened?
The messaging system is a private system that allows you to communicate with other members of the website. As an added feature, members can elect to auto-forward their messages to their personal email accounts. These settings can be managed via your personal My Account page.

Because of the sheer volume of messages generated on the site, messages are only stored for 30 days. Once a message reaches the 30 day mark, it is eliminated from the database. All messages are flagged when they are within 7 days of elimination. For this reason, we do suggest that you activate the auto-forward feature. This will ensure that all emails that are important to you can be housed on your private email system.

Password / Login Questions:

I forgot my password, what do I do?
When you forget your password—and we all do from time-to-time—please use the Password Help link on the sign-in box located on the home page. A new password will be sent to the email address you enter. This password is good for only one login, so, it is necessary that you update your password information during your next visit.

I can’t remember what email I used to registered on—what now?
The site allows you to log in using either your username or your email address, and then your account password. Please follow the instructions above if you need help with your password.

Privacy Questions:

Is my information on private?
Absolutely—in fact, you control how much information you are comfortable sharing about yourself. You create your own username, the name that appears on your profile, and you write your own personal paragraph or “My Story” with whatever information you want to provide about yourself and your interests. And finally, the posting of photos is completely optional, although we do strongly encourage it as it definitely enhances the communication process.

Memberships Questions:

How can I tell if there are any members in my area?
On home page we offer a sneak peak into the membership by way of our "Try it Right Now" feature. Just enter your zip code and we’ll provide a random selection of profiles near or in that zip code. However, to ensure the privacy of our current members, only registered members of are able to perform full membership searches.